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  • April 13th – 17th Spanish mid-term exams
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  • May 25th – 29th Chaco Proyect
Oferta de cursos

The idea of the project of Chaco arose in the second semester of the year 2011, with the intention of providing the students of the Program the experience of being inserted in a reality of life and a culture which are completely different to the hectic and truly comfortable one they enjoy here in the city of Buenos Aires. With that objective in mind, the Program organized a visit to the rural school Nº 168, settled in the northern province of Chaco.


Swarthmore students during their fall semester here were encouraged –with the help of their Spanish and specific courses´ teachers- to organize workshops that covered different disciplines –mostly the ones related to their fields of study. The ones provided were the following: one of English, a basic introduction to computer science, one of Literature and another one of Health. All of them were given by the students for children of the last two years of primary school and the first one of the secondary school. Appart from that, we organized a season of films and we supplied them with books for the school´s brand new library that we inaugurated. A bookshelf and computers were also provided to them.


The out-coming results that this experience brought about were really enriching for both: the Swarthmore students as well as the students of the School Nº168. Thankfully, this positive balance made it possible for us to strike up a relationship and set up a compromise with the authorities of the School. Therefore, we are able to say that the experience was completely successful, since it benefited the two institutions that Swarthmore is aiming to strengthen and preserve.




- Offering SWBA students an opportunity to insert themselves in a social and cultural environment quite different to the urban experience, which is the only one that most of the foreign students have in this country.

- Sharing knowledge and tools with Secondary School Nº 168, from Miraflores town (Chaco).

- Achieving a mutual interaction of experiences between the local community residents and Swarthmore students.

- Combining, when possible, this event with the classes that the students are attending in Buenos Aires during this semester, through different productions. For example, writing chronicles for the Spanish classes. They could also do a comparative work between life at a small country town and at the big city, for the class named: Buenos Aires, Present and Past. Another option, could be analyzing the local community's diet for the course Antropología de la Alimentación (Nutritional Anthropology)



"La amable y tranquila vida lejos de la ciudad", Erin Curtis, 1/12/2011

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